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Certified ELI Alchemie method (by Chloé Bloom & Chris Aud) to hold spaces of transformation & emotional liberation. As an holistic facilitator, i'm serving groups and individuals, combining the power of breath, bodywork, and subtle senses, sound bath & sacred plants. 

Consciouness Expansion

By exploring altered states of consciousness, we can open doors, communicate more easily with the subtle as well as our subconscious, introspect and discover aspects of ourselves still unknown, connect to our gifts, extra-sensory abilities, knowledge and answers . ELI's mission helps everyone achieve a larger, more aligned version of themselves.

Emotional Release

ELI combines practices that allow the release of trauma, energetic blockages and unexperienced emotions, which can be the cause of physical and mental pain, repetitive patterns, personal and professional difficulties as well as ailments on all levels. Physical and subtle liberation makes room to welcome new sensitivities and new visions of life.


This pillar is surely the most important at ELI: an experience of expanding consciousness requires integration, to be fully experienced and embodied. Assimilate information and learning to make something concrete of it in our everyday experience and reap all the benefits. It is important to us to allow the integration of the lessons received on all levels of being.

What is Breathwork ?

Breathwork is a term for various breathing practices which, through the conscious control of breathing, influence a person's mental state, emotions or physique, with the added benefit of a therapeutic effect.

Why practice it ?

Release your repressed, buried emotions stored in the body Remove unconscious emotional blockages, linked to past trauma and wounds Relieve stress and anxiety, release tension Develop your intuition, your creativity, reconnect with your feminine energy Reconnect to his desires, his dreams and his deep self Opening his consciousness and his receptivity to awareness

Can I come even if I have never done breathwork?

Yes, you are more than welcome as long as you have taken into account the contraindications at the bottom of the page.

How does a session take place?

It's profound journey towards emotional freedom including Breathwork, Bodywork, the use of sacred plants, essential oils, floral waters, energy guidance, and the collective power of the group. This experience is designed to unlock and liberate your emotional system, allowing for the release of stored emotions, traumas, and blockages.

Upon your arrival, dressed in warm and comfortable attire, you'll be invited to lie down for the session's duration. I'll lead you through specifically selected breathing exercises, encouraging you to keep breathing deeply to facilitate release. Where I sense energy blockages, I'll apply pressure or massage to aid in their release, offering my full support throughout the process. The breathwork stimulates the sympathetic nervous system to access altered states of consciousness, paving the way for profound emotional liberation.

This experience is an invitation to open your heart and mind, to let go of what no longer serves you, and to embrace the transformative power of collective healing.


Located in Brussels - A session lasts 2h30/3h. The price is 100€.


The contraindications ❌ THIS IS NOT FOR :


  • ​People who have not started work on self-knowledge

  • ​People who have had recent surgery

  • ​Pregnant women (pregnancy at any stage)

  • ​People with epilepsy and history of epileptic seizures

  • ​People who suffer from severe asthma (ok for mild asthma)

  • ​People diagnosed with an aneurysm in the brain or abdomen

  • ​People who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder or recent serious trauma

  • ​​People under heavy medical treatment or any medication that alters brain chemistry (antidepressants)

  • ​​People with a previous diagnosis of bipolar disorder, schizophrenia or a previous psychiatric condition

  • People who suffer from kidney disease, diabetes, detached retina, glaucoma, high blood pressure

The practice of Breathwork should be taken seriously, the support provided for the session is just as serious, I will be present throughout for you and with you. Please respect the preparation that will be communicated to you in advance.


It’s an experience that is lived more than told!

I discovered Maya thanks to Chloe Bloom who mentioned breathwork facilitators, and how lucky to find someone in Belgium! Immediately seduced by Maya and her energy in our direct message exchanges, I quickly reserved my place for my first breathwork session.

And what a revelation! Although familiar with different breathing techniques like Heart Coherence and Wim Hof, and leading meditations involving breaths and altered states of consciousness myself, what I experienced with Maya was on a whole new level. The combination of breathing, sound healing, and bodywork allowed me to have absolutely extraordinary experiences.

This success is largely due to Maya, who knows how to establish a climate of trust. Her studio is a calming place, and we meet remarkable people there, never present by chance. Three months later, my second session was even deeper and more meaningful. I am already planning a third session as soon as possible because, even six months later, I am still benefiting from the effects. The physical, mental, energetic, and spiritual liberations I experienced are indescribable.


This method was a revelation for me, allowing me to reach new levels both in my professional and personal life. For those who are hesitant because it's out of the ordinary, I strongly encourage you to give it a try. Yes, it can be uncomfortable, but does true growth ever come in comfort? As for the cost, don't hesitate. It might mean one less restaurant, but in exchange, you'll gain months, if not years, in personal and energetic development.


I participated in a breathwork journey with Maya. And I was blown away by the whole experience. A real trip into the senses and powerful healing moment. Maya is a great space holder, down to earth and wholesome. I felt totally confident to deep dive into this powerful experience and surrender to whatever needed to unfold. Thank you for your strong presence, loving touch and beautiful voice !


Breathwork was a real revelation for me, a journey within oneself. ​It was truly liberating! The effects are long-lasting and after several months I understand the benefits. If you are looking for liberation and change. ​Breathwork is made for you.


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