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When we want, we can - My story

& it's a real one, allow 10 minutes, I can't make it shorter than that

As the daughter of a former dancer, my journey into movement began at a young age.  From classical and jazz dance to basketball and even a brief trial in judo, I explored various forms of expression through movement. However, it was during those early years in dance that I began to struggle with my body image, feeling inadequate and scrutinized. Later on athletics later became my sanctuary, where I found acceptance and camaraderie among teammates, regardless of my appearance. Here, I discovered a newfound sense of strength and determination, fueling my passion for physical activity. At just 12 years old, I already harbored aspirations of becoming a physical educator, driven by the desire to inspire others to push their boundaries and reach their potential.


Between the ages of 13 and 16, I experienced a period of profound disconnection from myself. Sport ceased to be a priority, and my health took a backseat as I battled with internal struggles. It was during this tumultuous time that I first encountered yoga, initially drawn to its calming effects on my anxious teenage mind. Despite engaging in unhealthy behaviors like recreational drug use and poor dietary habits, two constants remained: my breath, a lifeline grounding me in the present moment, and my innate sense of right and wrong. These were the pillars that sustained me during a time of uncertainty and turmoil.


"When there’s a will there’s a way” 

Is the mantra that gave me the strength to persevere. "I will fight relentlessly to break free, and I will triumph”, I repeated to myself. Amidst the chaos of having to navigate discouragements, profound losses, confronting personal demons and suggested weight loss programs, at 15 kg heavier than my current weight, I embarked on a journey of self-discovery. Despite the daunting challenges, including the aftermath of past habits, familial complexities, enduring profound losses, and societal pressures, I committed to reclaiming my health and well-being.


At 19, I reached a turning point, believing it was time to take charge of my own life - “When there’s a will there’s a way”.

With my first legal job and a steady income, I prioritized my health while navigating and distancing myself from uncertain family dynamics. However, amidst newfound financial freedom, I indulged excessively, leading to a significant weight gain. Struggling with self-image and jealousy, I desire for self-improvement was always present. Starting with at-home workouts and seeking guidance from fitness influencers, I realized the importance of structured training. Lacking the finances to hire a personal trainer I determinely dived into fitness literature, absorbing knowledge through books, videos, and observing fellow gym-goers. Crafting my own workout routines focused on different muscle groups, I embraced the world of bodybuilding with zeal, envisioning a future of strength and physical prowess. Venturing solo into fitness expos, I encounter a community that, while lacking in tenderness, sparks a transformation within me. Despite the abrasive environment, I witness personal growth, gaining confidence and resilience in the face of life's challenges.


My aspiration to become a sports coach resurfaced, although returning to formal education wasn't feasible. Determined, I began studying independently, initiating my journey by leading my first yoga classes, despite my personal practice being far from perfect. Discovering the vibrant Les Mills group classes and immersing myself in BodyBalance, I found a sense of belonging within the fitness community, akin to finding a family. With tears of joy, I embraced my role as a group class instructor, enjoying making people happy throughout movement. However, I soon realize my desire to guide individuals beyond the confines of group settings, leading me to contemplate personal training seriously. Despite the challenges, I ventured into private coaching sessions, starting modestly in the park with friends and colleagues. As I immersed myself in this role, I discovered that it encompassed far more than just physical movement; it was about listening, supporting, and facilitating transformative experiences. Gradually, I transitioned into general public gyms and eventually private facilities, where I found my niche among athletes and enthusiasts alike. Exploring various disciplines like Animal Flow, CrossFit, Powerlifting, Weightlifting, Kettlebell, TRX, among others, I discovered a vast and exhilarating world of diverse, functional, and high-quality training methods. Reflecting on my journey, I recognized the importance of continuous personal growth and learning, a principle that continues to drive me forward to this day.

Shortly before the pandemic struck, I cultivated a dedicated community around my fitness classes, embracing a newfound openness and authenticity. As I delved into personal development, I began questioning my place in the world, seeking alignment between my values, experiences, and professional pursuits. Movement became an integral part of my life and I prioritized a balanced approach to diet after experimenting with various dietary lifestyles. During this time, I made significant life changes, stepping away from a promising managerial role that didn't resonate with my true aspirations, and ending a long-term relationship to pursue personal growth. Though daunting, these decisions allowed me to reclaim my autonomy and embark on a journey of self-accomplishment.


Finding myself alone, I took the leap to launch my own business as a sports coach while working part-time. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, I remained resilient, transitioning to online coaching and creating a training space in a rented garage with a friend. Through our efforts, we witnessed firsthand the transformative power of movement on mental health, realizing that our coaching was not just about physical fitness but also about saving lives and uplifting spirits.


In 2021, I made a pivotal decision to venture far from home, embarking on a solitary journey for the first time in my life. Throughout this period, I remained deeply committed to my training, particularly in my pursuit of excellence in Powerlifting. Guided by a coach who instilled great confidence in me, I embraced the rigorous regimen and lifestyle of an athlete. However, despite my dedication, I began to feel the strain on both my body and mind. I then sought refuge in Mexico for a month-long retreat, allowing myself to let go of the relentless routines and pressures to simply live in the present moment. This period of rejuvenation proved transformative, setting the stage for further introspection and growth.


Upon my return, I made the decision to abandon the pursuit of powerlifting, opting instead to immerse myself in the world of Yoga by pursuing my 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training and return to Mexico. This journey led me to discover not only the rich tapestry of Mayan culture but also a plethora of holistic practices and spiritual traditions, including shamanism. Exploring various breathing techniques such as holotropic breathing and somatic breathing, I found solace in revisiting past traumas and embracing newfound moments of beauty and tranquility. Alongside this profound personal exploration, I also found love, as my partner joined me on this transformative path, enriching our shared journey with depth and connection.


After a transformative year of travel, I returned to Brussels in 2022, recognizing the need to ground myself and share my newfound wisdom with my community. Together with my partner, we embarked on a journey to create a holistic space offering a blend of fitness, yoga, massages, and a variety of holistic therapies - a nurturing environment for sharing and growth through circles of connection.


This return marked a reinvigorated commitment to coaching, now more aligned with my authentic self than ever before. Armed with a wealth of experiences, both triumphant and challenging, I am confident in my ability to guide and support others on their paths to wellness and self-discovery. By embracing my vulnerability and through open-hearted sharing of my learnings , I aim to create a space where individuals can thrive and find connection


This is a short version of my long ongoing life story but I really wanted you to know into whose hands you plan to place your health. Although this will be your responsibility, I will do whatever it takes to provide you with my wisdom

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