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Today, I stand as Holistic Movement Coach and a wellbeing entrepreneur, co-founder of a transformative space (LŌKAHI HOLISTIC STUDIO) where healing and movement converge. I'm holding space & guiding through breathwork towards emotional & trauma releases, gradually building a community that fills me with so much love. 

How may I support you? Over the years, I've supported many people in reclaiming control of their lives through various ways. While I initially began with fitness coaching & yoga teaching, I quickly realized it was about much more than just physical part of it. My role extends to guiding people toward overall well-being, encompassing movement, nutrition, self-reflection, and self-acceptance. Through personal experiences and continuous learning, I've developed tools to identify and address obstacles hindering personal growth.

My aim now is to share these insights and tools, empowering others to embark on their own paths toward self-awareness and fulfillment.

Breathe, move and eat consciously. Such simple little things that can improve your life as for me.

As I reflect on these presentation words, I find myself at the age of 30, filled with emotions as I realize my journey of self-discovery. I've come to understand, accept, and appreciate myself more, allowing me to treat myself with greater kindness. Yet, I recognize that this journey is ongoing—is there truly an end to self-discovery? I'm uncertain, but I am committed to living a life more aligned and grounded, embracing the journey with pride in having taken the first steps.


& you?

I won't delve into specifics; I prefer to leave the mystery for our meetings. But I want to share that my journey, from a young age to now, has been filled with challenges that tempted me to give up. Yet, I never did, because I held onto faith. I battled feelings of inadequacy, body image issues, familial struggles, and the injustices of life. Some may doubt the adage "where there's a will, there's a way," but it's been ingrained in me. By holding onto my deepest desires—for health, relationships, business, personal success—I've persevered. And while I believe our journey of self-discovery is ongoing, we have the power to live in alignment with our needs. But it requires action.


And today, I invite you to step into the movie of your life. Are you ready?

Work with me, if you want...

≈ A harmonious relationship between your body and your mind 

≈ Releasing Emotional Blockages 

≈ Fully Presence Vibration in Life

≈ Dare to be authentic and follow your desires

≈Taking Action and Increased Confidence

≈ Embody your values and personal development

≈ Freeing the Cage

What I offer you ? 


≈ A personalized support

≈ Caring listening

≈ Practical tools & action plan

How to start ?

≈ By planning a 30-min free call together

≈ By joining a breathwork session
≈ Write me down about you

Holistic Movement Coaching

Flexibility, Mobility, Functional Bodybuilding, Weightlifting


Emotional & Trauma Releases, Stress & Anxiety Relief, Nervous system balance


Reflection, Action plan, Conscious & executive decisions

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